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why is it so important to do research on organic semiconductors?

Organic semiconductors represent an innovative solution towards flexible, large-area, cost-efficient circuits and devices.
However, before such semiconductors can reach the market, issues with performance, processing, and reliability need to be solved.
The EC-funded UHMob project aims at designing, synthesising and assessing the performance of a novel generation of organic semiconductors creating a favourable environment for industrial innovations. These are cheap to produce and allow additive manufacturing of electronic circuits.
As part of an International Training Network (ITN) of the Marie Sklodowska Curie Action, UHMob also aims to deliver the finest quality research training and transfer of knowledge in an interdisciplinary, inter-sectoral, and emerging supra-disciplinary field, to 15 early-stage-researchers (ESRs) to educate them to become future scientific leaders.


image vidéo du projet
In order to explain the purpose of the project more simply, the consortium has produced an explanatory video. To view it, simply click on the image above or on this link : Why is it so important to do research on organic semiconductors? – YouTube