Public deliverables



UHMOB Publishable Summary Report - First 2 years of the project

Date of publication: 30042021

This is the first public summary report published by the consortium covering the period from 01/05/2019 to 30/04/2021. In this document, you will find the work performed by the ESRs during the first 2 years of the project and main results achieved so far. This document also presents the progress beyond the state of the art, expected results until the end of the project and potential impacts. 


UHMob_D6.3_Annual Report on Training including the School

Date of publication: 30042021

The present report provides an overview of the training that the ESRs have pursued during the second period of the project. It includes the technical training delivered by Prof. R. Resel (TUGraz) during the last progress meeting.

This report also describes the training school that was organised at the time of writing the deliverable. The event finally took place in May-June 2021, where all the ESRs participated.


UHMob_D6.2_Annual Report on Training and Recruitment

Date of publication: 29042020

The present report covers the procedure carried out in UHMob to contract all the ESRs and the training performed by the ESRs during the 1st year of the project.

UHMob_D8.1_Creation of the Public Website and Social Media Accounts

Date of publication: 29042020

The document describes the overall structure and content of the UHMob public website, designed by ARTTIC using the UHMob visual identity.

It also contains a description of the social media accounts set up within UHMob: