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Self-Assembly and Multiscale Characterization of Structures and Interfaces

  • Supervisor: Prof. P. Samori (UNISTRA)
  • Secondment 1: CSIC-ICMAB
  • Secondment 2: BASF S.E.

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My work in UHMob

Inside the project, my aim is to design a suitable architecture for an OFET, fabricate and test two- and three-terminal devices and fully characterize the different layers and interfaces that compose the device.


Dinaphthotetrathienoacenes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications in Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Authors: Rémy Jouclas, Jie Liu, Martina Volpi (ESR1), Lygia Silva de Moraes, Guillaume Garbay, Nemo McIntosh (ESR3), Marco Bardini (ESR4), Vincent Lemaur, Alexandre Vercouter, Christos Gatsios (ESR9), Federico Modesti (ESR15), Nicholas Turetta (ESR7) ,David Beljonne, Jérôme Cornil, Alan R. Kennedy, Norbert Koch, Peter Erk, Paolo Samorì, Guillaume Schweicher and Yves H. Geerts

Link to the publication:

Date of the publication: March 16, 2022

High-Performance Humidity Sensing in π-Conjugated Molecular Assemblies through the Engineering of Electron/Proton Transport and Device Interfaces

Authors : Nicholas Turetta, Marc-Antoine Stoeckel, Rafael Furlan de Oliveira, Félix Devaux, Alessandro Greco, Camila Cendra, Sara Gullace, Mindaugas Gicevičius, Basab Chattopadhyay, Jie Liu, Guillaume Schweicher, Henning Sirringhaus, Alberto Salleo, Mischa Bonn, Ellen H.G. Backus, Yves H. Geerts and Paolo Samorì

Link to the publication:

Date of the publication: February 7, 2022

Vertical organic transistors with short channels for multifunctional optoelectronic devices

Authors : Yusheng Chen, Yifan Yao, Nicholas Turetta (ESR7) and Paolo Samorì

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Date of the publication: November 16, 2021

Molecular Doping of 2D Indium Selenide for Ultrahigh Performance and Low-Power Consumption Broadband Photodetectors

Authors: Ye Wang, Hanlin Wang, Sai Manoj Gali, Nicholas Turetta (UHMob ESR7), Yifan Yao, Can Wang, Yusheng Chen, David Beljonne (UHMOB UMONS Partner), Paolo Samorì (UNISTRA, UHMob Partner)

Links to the publication:

Date of Publication: May 2021

Keywords: Two-dimensional material, indium selenide, black phosphorus, doping, photodetectors, van der Waals heterostructures, p-n junctions

Au(111) Surface Contamination in Ambient Conditions: Unravelling the Dynamics of the Work Function in Air

Authors : Nicholas Turetta (UHMob ESR7), Francesco Sedona, Andrea Liscio, Mauro Sambi, Paolo Samorì (UNISTRA, UHMob Partner)

Links to the publication:

Date of publication: March 3, 2021

Keywords : Gold, work function, adventitious carbon, surface contamination, Kelvin probe, photoemission yield

After UHMob

I would love to continue to work in science as an editor because of the broad impact that editing tasks can have in improving scientific messages and dissemination. This kind of work, involving networking with different personalities shaping the future of science, also requires good communication skills that I would like to further develop. As an alternative, I would not mind working in an R&D department within a multinational chemical company.

I plan to defend my Ph.D. thesis on the 14th of December 2022.

About Me

I graduated in Materials Science at the University of Padova in 2019. In parallel, I was a student at the Galilean School of Higher Education where I attended an intense program of supplementary courses that widened my view on the application of functional devices in medicine and biology.

My passion for science gave me great opportunities to travel and teach during my studies. I attended a three-month summer internship at the University of Florida and I also held several courses of scientific dissemination in primary and secondary schools. During my free time I love running, swimming and playing football.

I strongly support the collaborative approach between research groups in science, both inside and outside one’s institution, to favor a constructive crosstalk among scientists from different fields. This is the reason why I really appreciate being part of this ITN.