Self-Assembly and Multiscale Characterization of Structures and Interfaces

Supervisor: Prof. P. Samori (UNISTRA) I Secondment 1: CSIC-ICMAB I Secondment 2: BASF S.E.

My work in UHMob

Inside the project, my aim is to design a suitable architecture for an OFET, fabricate and test two- and three-terminal devices and fully characterize the different layers and interfaces that compose the device.

About Me

I graduated in Materials Science at the University of Padova in 2019. In parallel, I was a student at the Galilean School of Higher Education where I attended an intense program of supplementary courses that widened my view on the application of functional devices in medicine and biology.

My passion for science gave me great opportunities to travel and teach during my studies. I attended a three-month summer internship at the University of Florida and I also held several courses of scientific dissemination in primary and secondary schools. During my free time I love running, swimming and playing football.

I strongly support the collaborative approach between research groups in science, both inside and outside one’s institution, to favor a constructive crosstalk among scientists from different fields. This is the reason why I really appreciate being part of this ITN.