ESR3 Nemo Mcintosh

Theoretical modelling of charge transport parameters in organic semiconductors

Supervisor: J. Cornil (UMons) I Secondment 1: University of Cambridge I Secondment 2: Humboldt University of Berlin

My work in UHMob

Mobility in organic semiconductors is seriously affected by the electron-phonon coupling. In essence, thermal motion in such materials affects the overlap of orbitals essential to electronic transfer in the hopping regime, or the delocalisation of the electron/hole over molecules in the band regime. How does chemical functionalisation of conjugated cores helps minimizing vibrational modes that deteriorate the mobility of the electron is the main question of this PhD.

After UHMob

Continue research, by any means (academy or R&D department in industry), mostly focused on nanomaterials and how to exacerbate collective behavior of nano-objects at the macro-scale.

About Me

I wished I could have been a musician, writer, scientist, all at the same time. Obviously I’ve made my choice, but music and writing still linger on.