ESR11 Alessandro greco

Molecular & Electronic Structure & Conductivity Specifically At Interfaces Studied Using Non-Linear Optical Tools

  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ellen Backus (MPI-P)
  • Secondment 1: Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Secondment 2: Graz University of Technology

My Resume




My work in UHMob

I will use surface-specific nonlinear optical methods like second-harmonic generation (SHG) and sum-frequency generation (SFG) to elucidate the interfacial electronic properties and the mobility of charges in the molecularly thin region near the metal or dielectric-semiconductor interface.

After UHMob

I haven’t planned anything. It all depends on this experience, so I hope it goes well. I don’t think I will continue in an academic career, but who knows?


Measurements of single-state and state-ensemble lifetimes of high-lying Rb Rydberg levels

Authors:  M. Archimi, C. Simonelli, L. Di Virgilio, A. Greco, M. Ceccanti, E. Arimondo, D. Ciampini, I. I. Ryabtsev, I. I. Beterov, and O. Morsch,


Link to the publication:

Date of the publication: September 4, 2019

original ARC paper and paper introducing extension - "getPopulationLifetime"

getPopulationLifetime: is a function added to ARC – Alkali Rydberg Calculator, an open-source library for calculating properties of alkali Rydberg atoms.

This function calculates lifetimes of atomic population taking into account redistribution of population to other states under spontaneous and blackbody-radiation-induced transitions: it takes into account re-population processes due to BBR-induced transitions. (Link)

About Me

I like to face new problems even if I am very lazy. I think I can call myself a curious person, and that’s probably the main reason I’m here.
I also like playing videogames and watching movies, just to relax and be more and more lazy.