ESR5 Mindaugas Gicevičius

Field effect transistors with ultrahigh mobilities

Supervisor: prof. Henning Sirringhaus (University of Cambridge)

Secondment 1: Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

Secondment 2: Kyoto University

My work in UHMob

My work in UHMob will be focused on understanding the electron-phonon coupling of charge carriers in high mobility molecular semiconductors to low-frequency intermolecular vibrations. My work will include extracting reliable charge carrier mobility values of organic semiconductors in order to determine structure-properties relationship and to establish molecular design rules.

After UHMob

My doctoral studies began during very uncertain times. Therefore, I find it really important to keep my mind open to different possibilities and opportunities. However, I hope to remain dedicated to research.

About Me

I come from Lithuania, where I graduated from Vilnius University   with Master’s degrees in chemistry.  In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking in nature or riding my bicycle.

Having participated in several international exchange and internship projects, I really appreciate being part of a project such as UHMob that brings people of different backgrounds together.