Kripa Merin Joseph

ESR6 Kripa merin joseph

Organic semiconductors under light-matter strong coupling

  • Supervisor: Prof. T. W. Ebbesen (UNISTRA)
  • Secondment 1: Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research
  • Secondment 2: BASF S.E.


My Resume



My work in UHMob

The prime objective of this task would be to explore organic semiconductors under strong coupling, thus improving the fundamental understanding of conductivity enhancement under strong coupling. The results of this task will enable the optimisation of field effect mobility enhancement under strong coupling with the vacuum electromagnetic field of the cavity.

after UHMob

After UHMob, I would like to build my career in research by further exploring the topics in strong coupling.

About Me

From the childhood, I was always fascinated about how science could explain the nitty gritty of processes happening in the surroundings. Five year of conscientious studies and research experience at Indian Institute of Science education and Research Mohali gave me a broader insight into research. The very concept of light matter strong coupling leading to the generation of hybrid states and thus opening an alternative dimension in scientific field has surprised the entire scientific community. I would like to explore more about the fundamentals and applications of strong coupling.