Our European Commission-funded  UHMob project aims at designing, synthesizing, and assessing the performance of a novel generation of organic semiconductors creating a favourable environment for industrial innovations.

In the context of this project, an international event is organised : the#UHMob in person International Conference on “Organic #Semiconductors: From Principles to Applications”, on 6-9/09/2022 in Mainz, Germany. This event will bring together experts on molecular design, synthesis, spectroscopy, and characterization of organic semiconductors.

To get more info on the conference and register, please visit our conference website https://bit.ly/3Ga88rA.
–    Discover the renowned researchers who have already accepted our invitation to speak.
–    Do not miss our important deadline: 31/07/2022 to send your abstract for talks and poster sessions.

More to come soon, stay tuned!