ESR15 federico modesti

Exploration of new methods to organizing organic solids with respect to optical and electrical properties

Supervisor: Dr. P. Erk (BASF)


 Secondment 1: University of Strasbourg


Secondment 2: University of Cambridge

My work in UHMob

The aim of this project is to explore the effect of strong coupling on the supramolecular ordering of organic semiconductors. The main goal is to discover new methods to organize organic solids and to improve their optical and electronics properties, with a perspective into the industrial application.

after UHMob

I would like to pursue a career where research is prominent, preferably in an international company with a strong focus on advanced technologies.  

About Me

I am from Pescara, a lovely Italian city facing the Adriatic Sea. I got my Master´s Degree in Photochemistry and Molecular Materials at the University of Bologna and I joined the Molecular Photonics group of the University of Amsterdam for my thesis project, thanks to the program Erasmus+. During my free time I like to play basketball, hike or simply socialize with friends.