UHMob ESRs participation to ICSM 2022

The International Conference on the Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals, ICSM 2022, was held in Glasgow, Scotland from 17 to 22 July 2022. On this occasion, two ESRs from the UHMob project had the chance to attend and present their work.

Indeed, ESR2 Rahul Meena and ESR1 Martina Volpi accompanied by their supervisor Yves Geerts (ULB), had the opportunity to present their work progress on organic semiconductors for OFETs.

During this event, Rahul Meena presented the following poster: “Design and Synthesis of Molecular Semiconductor Tailored to Couple with Vacuum Field“. ESR Martina Volpi gave a presentation entitled “Design and Synthesis of Chiral Molecular Semiconductors for Spintronic Applications“.

Rahul Meena shared that ” it was an immense pleasure to sit among the leading scientists and researchers to discuss our work and listen to their perspective about the state of the art in the field of organic electronics. A great opportunity to build more professional connections.”


UHMob ESRs participation to the MRS2022 Symposium

UHMob ESRs attended in May the MRS2022 Symposium SB01 dedicated to Organic Electronics – Multimodal Characterization and Computation-Driven Material Design and Performance, organised by the Materials Research Society.The event took place in Honolulu Hawai’i, from the 8th to the 13th May 2022.

During this event, some UHMob ESRs had the opportunity to present their research work during a poster session or an oral presentation:

  • ESR1, Martina Volpi, “Design and Synthesis of Chiral Molecular Semiconductors for Spintronic Applications
  • ESR4, Marco Bardini, “Temperature-dependent transient charge delocalization in high-mobility organic molecular semiconductors
  • ESR7, Nicholas Turetta, “High-performance humidity sensing in pi-conjugated molecular assemblies through the engineering of electron/proton transport and device interfaces
  • ESR14, Inês Martins, Study of bulk and thin-film polymorphism of NDI derivatives:
    annealing and deposition procedures to access elusive polymorphs
  • ESR9, Christos Gatsios, “Surface Doping of Rubrene Single Crystals by Molecular Electron Donors and Acceptors
  • ESR13, Priya Pandey,Study of the Bulk Polymorphism of Best Performing Molecular Semiconductors
  • ESR15, Federico ModestiExploring the effects of vibrational strong coupling on supramolecular chemistry: perylene crystallization in a Fabry-Perrot cavity


Please refer to the Dissemination Section for more details on the different posters.

UHMob ESRs at the “Faraday Discussion 2022”

The Faraday Discussion 2022 on Understanding Crystallisation was held on 28th – 30th March in York, United Kingdom. Two UHMob ESRs had the opportunity to present posters at this event :

More posters can be found in the website’s dissemination section.

Visit the event webpage : Understanding Crystallisation: Faraday Discussion (rsc.org)

UHMob Project’s press release now available!

The European Commission funded UHMob project is developing a new generation of semiconductors while training tomorrow’s scientific leaders.

To know more about the project and its results achieved so far, please read through its press release !  More information on https://www.uhmob.eu/ and its publishable summary report.

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Discover the project’s latest publications

Since the start of the year, ESRs from UHMob have been awarded with three articles published by:


More publications are available on the public website. Please see more by clicking on the dissemination section link of this public website.

UHMob ESRs at “la Journée des Doctorants 2021”

The University of Strasbourg organised on 30th November, 2021 its 15th annual edition of  “la Journée des Doctorants” (Doctoral Students’ Day). This day is the occasion for the school to welcome the new students and for older students to present their research work.

During the event, two UHMob ESRs had the opportunity to make a presentation:

Visit the event webpage : Journée des Doctorants – École doctorale des Sciences Chimiques – ED 222 – Université de Strasbourg (unistra.fr)